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Every day is a holiday. It's official. Here are a handful for your enjoyment.

Jan 26 is 'All or nothing day'
Illustration of a python swallowing a rhino, for all or nothing day, by artist Steve Worthington March 8 is 'Be nasty day'
Cartoon illustration of a cat running on a treadmill, after a mouse hanging by its tail for be nasty day, by artist Steve Worthington March 14 is 'Save a spider day'
Illustration of a frog in a chair with a bowl of bugs, while lowering a spider into a jam jar, by artist Steve Worthington Sept 14 is 'Cream filled donut day'
Illustrtion of policemen at an address ceremony celebrating cream filled donut day, by artist Steve Worthington Feb 23 is 'International dog biscuit appreciation day'
Illustration of servants carrying dog biscuits up from below stairs for international dog biscuit appreciation day, by artist Steve Worthington Humorous 3D illustration of lame duck day Jan 30 is 'Escape day'
Humorous illustration of a mouse as James Bond 007 from the 'Goldfinger' laser scene with a cat as the villain for escape day, by artist Steve Worthington Feb 26 is 'Tell a child a fairy tale day'
Black and white illustration of child imagining horrors as his grandmother reads him fairy tales July 6 is 'Fried chicken day'
Amusing black and white illustration of a cat about to execute a chicken in the electric chair for fried chicken day New Yorker style humorous illustration of Dracula with a victim who has been eating garlic, for garlic day March 12 is 'Alfred Hitchcock day'
Animation style illustration of crows on a casting couch seen from over the shoulder of the director for Alfred Hitchcock day Jan 21 is 'National hugging day'
Humorous illustration of cops hugging people for national hugging day, by Steve Worthington Funny illustration for international civil aviation day of French and English helicopter pilots giving way to each other over the English channel near the white cliffs of Dover, by artist Steve Worthington May 29 is 'End of the middle ages day'
Anachronistic illustration in a medieval style of people on mobile phones with others laying dead and dying of bubonic plague, for end of the middle ages day, by Steve Worthington Illustration of a cat sitting on top of a mountain of dead animals, for national cat day, by artist Steve Worthington Sharpie drawn cartoon illustration of two men, one of which has a penguin on his head, for national penguin awareness day, by artist Steve Worthington Cartoon drawn on a whiteboard of a man looking romantically toward his collection of plush animals, for plush animal lovers day, by artist Steve Worthington May 1 is 'Save the rhino day' Illustration of a skydiver flying towards a falling rhino so he can pull his parachute rip cord, for save the rhino day, by artist Steve Worthington March 28 is 'Something on a stick day'
Humorous illustration of an elephant pole vaulting in a stadium for something on a stick day, by artist Steve Worthington Feb 9 is 'National toothache day'
A black and white New Yorker style magazine illustration of a dentist pulling the last tooth out of a crocodile for national toothache day, by artist Steve Worthington A series of illustrations sequentially illustrating the story of a man that is saved by a lifeguard, who has his clothes stolen by a shark. Everyone wears tweed. It is for tweed day, by artist Steve Worthington Dec 17 is 'Wright brothers day'
A  humorous illustration of the Wright brothers as children, as one twirls the other around who is pegged to a rotary clothes line, for Wright brothers day, by artist Steve Worthington May 10 is 'National train day'
A  humorous illustration of two women wearing gowns with long trains that have people sitting on them as the women attempt to pull them along, next to a sign which reads 'train rides', by artist Steve Worthington

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